What is The Freedom Encounter?

The Freedom Encounter is a journey to encounter the presence of God and find freedom in Christ. By choosing your Freedom Encounter, you will meet with the Lord in powerful ways and find the freedom to be who He created you to be. You can get free and live free with 1:1 Freedom Coaching®, going through the self-guided Freedom course, or attending a live Freedom event. You can help set others free by becoming certified in the Freedom Coach Model® or Freedom Coaching.

Established on the foundation of God’s Word, you’ll learn how to pray and hear God speak to you in the wounded places of your life. The tools will teach you to grow in intimacy and trust with Him. God heals your heart as He invites you to see like Him. You’ll discover a renewed passion for pursuing your purpose.

“No one escapes hardship but we do get to choose to position ourselves to encounter God’s presence in the midst of it.”


Personal Freedom Coaching®

Receive 1:1 Spirit-led insight and Christian Coaching around the areas you feel stuck in relationships, faith, business, or life.

A certified Freedom Coach will pray with you as you process your pain, confusion, heartache, and doubts and lead you to encounter God's presence so you can live free as He created you to be.

Freedom Certification

Become certified in the Freedom Coach Model developed by Jill Monaco and feel confident to lead others into lasting freedom.

The certification program has everything you need to learn to coach, incorporate the tools into ministry, and run a transformational life coaching business.

Online Course

Walk with God at your own pace through our self-guided video program. Utilizing the Freedom Coach Model and Freedom Coaching, Biblical teaching, activations, and worksheets will guide you to overcome rejection, fear, soul ties, mother and father wounds, hatred, lies you believe, and more.

These new tools will give you the confidence to partner with Holy Spirit and equip you to hear God’s voice and freedom in Christ.

Live Events

Can three days change your life? YES! In-person events are offered at various times throughout the year. You'll have the opportunity to have powerful prayer, Biblical teaching, and meaningful fellowship.

Join Jill Monaco and a team of certified Freedom Coaches for an 3-day intensive to GET free and learn to LIVE free.

Meet The Founder of the Freedom Encounter

Jill Monaco carries a message of healing and hope through Jesus Christ. She is a living example of overcoming pain from childhood trauma and spiritual abuse and walking into forgiveness and love. Her story may have started with what the enemy did to her, but now it’s about what God is doing through her. Her insight now empowers many to encounter God’s loving presence and find freedom in Christ.

As Jill pursued her own personal freedom, she realized God was teaching her strategies that she could use to help others get free and live free as God designed them. She is also passionate about helping leaders learn the same tools and continue the legacy of helping set the captive free.

Here's What Others Have Said About Freedom Coaching and Training ...

Beforehand, I just wanted [quick] answers. I gained a deeper confidence in learning how to figure out solutions and "next steps" in my life. I know how to walk myself through any process to my final goals. ~Tiffani

I was able to break some deep-rooted beliefs/lies and uncover unforgiveness in my heart that was subconsciously holding me back from moving forward. ~Cassie

Again and again, Jill helped me move from cloudy to clear. [Improved] clarity fueled faster, more fearless action, and propelled me to move aggressively toward my goals. ~Dan

The Freedom Encounter will equip you to pursue the presence of God and find freedom in Christ. Going through The Freedom Encounter, you will find the breakthrough you’ve been praying for and the freedom Jesus paid for at the cross.

You’ll learn to rest in God’s presence and receive what He has for you. Previous sin strongholds are loosed, and destructive cycles are broken. Your pain will be replaced by purpose as God shows you His plan for your life. You begin to heal by being in the presence and the love of God.

Growing in intimacy with Jesus starts with being a disciple. As you receive tools for freedom, you’ll be changed from the inside out. Others will begin to notice the joy and hope you have.

If you want to take your journey one step further, you can take the leaders training or become certified in the Freedom Coach Model and guide others on their path to freedom. Learning to love well takes you on a new discipleship track. There are always more layers to freedom as you are refined to be in the image of Jesus as a leader.

Choose your encounter today.

“The mighty Spirit of Lord Yahweh is wrapped around me because Yahweh has anointed me as a messenger to preach good news to the poor. He sent me to heal the wounds of the brokenhearted, to tell captives, “You are free,”and to tell prisoners, “Be free from

your darkness.”



The Freedom Encounter

The Freedom Encounter is a program of Jill Monaco Ministries and encourages you to pursue the presence of God and find freedom in Christ. 45-5625517

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Jill Monaco Ministries is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to encourage people to pursue the presence of God and find freedom in Christ through teaching and coaching. Our vision is to become a community of followers of Jesus who live free and help others get free by the power of the gospel.



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